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Enrolling at KRHS

How do I enroll my student at KRHS?

Providing you are currently living within the Governor Wentworth Regional School District (Brookfield, New Durham, Ossipee, Effingham, Wolfeboro, Tuftonboro & Middleton School District) you are eligible to enroll your child at KRHS. You will need to provide evidence of residency outlined in the GWRSD Policy on School Enrollment link below. Students must be officially withdrawn from previous school prior to enrolling at KRHS.

Please see our policy on school enrollment  - this will provide a helpful checklist of documents.  You may print out the forms listed below here.

Please provide the following to begin the enrollment process:

  • GWRSD Residency Affidavit.  Print the form and attach supporting documentation
  • Custody/Guardianship Documentation: Official court documents are required when a student is not living with both parents. If you do not have these documents you will need to seek formal guardianship via the court systems before KRHS will enroll a student.  (Carroll County Courthouse/Ossipee or Strafford County Courthouse/Dover; both can be reached at 1-855-212-1234 estimated cost to file $130.00, NH guidelines outlined here.)  Note: Notarized letters will not be accepted- we will accept a copy of your scheduled court hearing letter with docket number noted for conditional enrollment.
  • Enrollment Form-Infosnap Origination Form 
  • Request for Records Release
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  •  Record of Health Physical completed within the last 12 months, (School Physical Form)
  •  Transportation Form
  • Student Records from previous school
  • Special Education Plans (if applicable)
  • Students enrolling from approved Homeschool Plan must provide evidence of approved plan & completed work for review by a HQ Teacher. This may include but it not limited to: textbooks, notebooks of completed work, completed assessments and/or transcripts from a certified program (ex. VLACS). In addition, KRHS also may request the student complete ExactPath Assessments to further support placement. (Example: If enrolling as a 9th grade student, 8th grade work will need to be submitted. If enrolling as a 11th grade student, both 9th & 10th grade work will need to be submitted.)

Once these documents have been received, the Registrar will contact you to schedule an enrollment appointment with your student's assigned counselor.

Please note that it can often take 3 to 5 days to transfer into KRHS during the school year and several weeks during summer months, depending on the speed in which documents can be obtained. We will work with you to make the process as smooth as possible. It is necessary to have all documents on file in order to enroll your student. It is suggested that parents also contact the previous school and ask for student records to be sent to KRHS.

At the enrollment appointment, both parent/guardian and student are REQUIRED to attend. The student's history, including credits will be reviewed, and an appropriate schedule will be created based on history, parent and student input. A brief orientation and tour will be provided. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to scheduled appointment and allow at least an hour.

​Our first appointment of the day is 7:30AM, our last appointment of the day is 1:30PM. (Summer Enrollment appointments are on August 21, 22, 26-first appointment at 8AM; last appointment at 1PM. We need completed applications by August 16th to schedule on these days. After August 16th we can not guarantee first day of school start dates- we will do our best, but opening of school trainings and meetings greatly reduce our availability.)

In most cases the student will officially start school the day following the enrollment appointment. This is required so that teachers are prepared to receive your student into their classroom. On the first day of class, the student will report to the counseling office, and a student leader will provide the student support becoming familiar with their schedule, etc.

If you have any questions about enrolling your student at KRHS, please contact the Counseling Center or the Registrar directly at 569-2055 EXT 1010.

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​Parents/Guardians and the student MUST be present at the formal enrollment appointment.
​Please plan ahead.  

First Appointment of the Day is 7:30AM; Last Appointment of the Day is 1:30PM (School Year).

​Summer appointments start at 8AM with last appointment at 1PM.

(For the safety and well being of all parties there are no exceptions to these times.)

​The student starts the day following the enrollment appointment.