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Local Scholarship Process

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Local Scholarship Opportunities

Students are encouraged to apply for local scholarships in their senior year, as most local scholarships are directed to graduating seniors. The KRHS Counseling Center updates local scholarships yearly, and serves as a central place for local scholarships to promote their opportunities, and a convenient place for students and parents to access these scholarships. Management of scholarship information is extremely time consuming and done as a courtesy to our community and our students. In  order for KRHS Counseling  Center to continue to provide this service we ask students to be respectful and follow the guidelines outlined here.
All local and state scholarships will be posted on the 2024 Scholarship page on this website, starting February 1, 2024.

The listing will have the following information:

Name of Scholarship
Scholarship Criteria
Type of application (Custom or Common)
Where to send application
All scholarship applications can be downloaded from anywhere. 

Please note, students are responsible for assembling of the applications and sending scholarships to the appropriate addresses. The majority of scholarships require a high school transcript, which can be "unofficial", unless requested to be "official". Students request transcripts via the counseling secretary, Ms. Linda Maguire, and require 24 hours notice. In the case of "unofficial" transcripts, students may obtain one transcript and copy it for each application. In the case of "official" transcripts, students need to request the number they need, as these are required to be signed and sealed. Please keep in mind counseling center hours, school vacations, and scholarship deadlines, as last minute requests for transcripts may not be processed in time.

In addition to transcripts, most applications require a student resume, and recommendations. In most cases, scholarships allow students to use recommendations utilized for college applications, so students only need to photocopy these and include with the application.

There are two types of scholarship applications: Custom and Common. Custom Application means the scholarship has a unique application. Regrettably our staff is not able to mail applications, students or parents must down load these applications from school, home or public library computer. Common Application (CA) is a generic application, the student downloads a blank CA, fills out the main application, attaches required documents and then runs copies of this packet and submits to those scholarships that utilize the CA. 

Most scholarships also require Student Aid Report (SAR), which is available to students after they complete the FAFSA. Student's log into their FAFSA account, search SAR, print. This is how scholarships verify need. Failure to submit a SAR may exclude a student from the scholarship.

Finally, every year scholarship committee's comment on the applications they receive. As a result of this feedback, students are advised to please only apply to scholarships for which they meet stated criteria. Many students just send out applications regardless of meeting criteria, please do not. Please be sure you provide all the information requested. Many students fail to follow application directions, which disqualifies a student from consideration. Please apply. Many scholarships get few or no applicants, and we know there are students who meet the criteria.

Notification of Awards
In most cases students will be notified of receiving a scholarship in June of their senior year. Students are invited to the Local Scholarship Awards night held at KRHS on June 6, 2024. Students will be sent an invitation to attend the last week of May.  Most scholarships provide an award letter to share with the college/university they have chosen to attend, which outlines how the scholarship will be dispersed. It is common practice for scholarships to release funds after completion of the first semester and once the student submits a transcript of first semester grades. Award checks are usually made out to the student and the college/university. The student signs the check and turns it into the college/universities' billing office.