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Transferring Out of KRHS

What do I need to do if my student is leaving KRHS?

Students who will be transferring out of KRHS must be officially withdrawn from school.  The Counseling Center would appreciate as much notice as possible to help the student transition smoothly out of KRHS and into their new school.
Parent/guardian must complete a Withdrawal Form  and submit it to the counseling  secretary.  The parent/guardian and student are responsible for the following:

  • Teachers: return all textbooks; complete all work/assignments as is applicable
  • Locker: clean out locker and leave locked
  • Attendance Office:  clear all outstanding fees on account   569-2055 ext. 1005
  • Athletic Department: return all uniforms and equipment as is applicable
  • Food Service: contact food services for any refunds of lunch funds on account  569-2055 ext. 1044

Final transcripts may be withheld pending the closing of all accounts.

If you have any questions about transferring out of KRHS, please contact Kristine Giunco in the Counseling Center at 569-2055 ext. 1008, or the Registrar directly at 569-2055 ext. 1010.

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