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Principal's Welcome Message

Dear Kingswood Regional High School Community,

It is my pleasure to serve as your Principal, and I’m eager to get to work on your behalf.  Kingswood, as I’ve come to learn in my last few years here, is a tremendous school.  Situated in the heart of a picturesque lakes region community, we are so very fortunate to have the resources, opportunities, and support in our favor.  It is imperative that we utilize all of these privileges to their fullest potential, and that is why I have collaborated with my staff to develop goals, systems, and a mindset to emphasize how Kingswood can offer the best educational experience possible.

First and foremost, we have first-class teachers who truly care about our students and their success.  Not only are our professional and paraprofessional staff some of the best in the business, but they continuously explore ways to support our students.  There are so many staff who offer their expertise in other areas such as being coaches, advisors, and other co-curricular mentors. Students should feel empowered to make connections with our staff in and out of the classroom by developing positive relationships with our educators, and experience the notion that we are all part of a very proud school community.

Our students are at the heart of what we are all about because we truly value them.  It is why we get up each day and engage in the work we do.  Because so much is invested in our students, much is to be expected of them as well.  Students (and their families) should play an active and contributive role in their education.  While a free public education is an entitlement, they should embrace it.  The pathway to a student’s success begins with them attending and participating each day in their education.  From there, they will have access to innumerable supports at Kingswood Regional High School every step of the way.

While we recognize the importance of technology in this exceptionally modern world around us, there must be acceptable limits to how much we rely on our devices (the same could be said for adults too).  Insomuch, Kingswood has very well-defined and articulated cell phone practices, which regulate students’ access to their personal devices during structured academic time.  It is our sincerest hope that, over time, Kingswood students will embrace this as best practices for successfully accessing their education, while also minimizing the potential for detrimental consequences from misuse or overuse of their devices.  We urge families to help support our cell phone practices by reinforcing them with their students, and please reach out to us if you have questions or concerns.

In closing, I want to thank you for being part of our school community.  I give you my assurances that we will work together to promote the success of each and every student, and maybe have a little fun along the way.

Go Knights!

Paul Famulari